9 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Artex: three decades sustaining the culture.

The Artex Artistic and Literary Productions Company will celebrate its 30th anniversary of its foundation in Cuba on April 1st.

The Artex-Matanzas Branch receives this birthday with a favorable scenario in terms of institutional image and economic results.

With 570 workers throughout the province, the Matanzas branch of Artex, located on 60th Street, Third Avenue in Varadero, 132 kilometers from the city of Havana, preserves a life collective with low fluctuations of workers, which is characterized by be one of the most stable in the country and have a considerable number of founders and workers with more than 10 years in the sector.

At the end of 2018, Artex-Matanzas enters the country an amount of 30 million dollars. These dividends allow the sustainability of the “culture” sector in Cuba. With the income generated each year, the payment of the artists and workers of the cultural institutions is paid for and artistic education is promoted throughout the Island.

Pablo Rodríguez Carrasco, general manager of the Branch told Radio 26 that the entity plans new projects that complement the cultural policy of Artex in Matanzas and join the projects conceived in greeting the 325th anniversary of the city.

The second floor of the Entre Puentes Cultural Center about to open, the Brisas del Mar pool opens its doors to the population of Matanzas of all ages and it is expected to approve the new pool project of the Bahía Restaurant as one of the 2020 investment plans. alternative to rescue the place of the ruins in which it lies at present.

Rodríguez Carrasco stressed that the best way to honor the 30 years of Artex will be the growth of the company and the contribution of each branch to the generation of quantitative and qualitative contributions in the promotion of quality proposals in defense of our identity.