8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Socialize community experiences.


In Matanzas the Provincial Integrated Community Work workshop was developed with the aim of socializing experiences in this sense.

At the headquarters of the provincial government, samples and practices of 15 projects that began as a result of certain problems in the community were presented and today their results transcend the objectives proposed at the beginning.

In the meeting three projects of the municipalities of Martí, Matanzas and Jovellanos were recognized.


Such is the case of the project Together We Shall Be Better, Building the Future, of Circumscription 31 of the Popular Council Camilo Cienfuegos, that from the effects of Hurricane Irma in that community of the municipality of Martí, its inhabitants not only helped to recover the areas , but they created conditions for enjoyment and recovered peasant traditions

.In the city of Matanzas highlights Among all, with love and will that contributes to transform spaces and mentalities to raise the satisfaction of the population.

Life to life is health, from the Coliseo Popular Council, encourages healthy eating habits in people and develops healthy behavior in young people who are initiated into sexual activity.


Integrated Community Work is the process that from the neighborhood allows the transformation from the common dream, from the planning, the conduction and own evaluation.

The Provincial Integrated Community Work workshop was held in Matanzas and is a motivation that fosters the development of knowledge and skills that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the projects.