8 May, 2021

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EIDE Luis Augusto Turcios Lima: a place that formed of sports glories in Matanzas.

The School of Sports Initiation (EIDE) Luis Augusto Turcios Lima, from Matanzas, has formed in its bosom, for more than 45 years, the glories of sport in the province.

The center was located in its first years of foundation in Cárdenas and then in Varadero, but since 1979 it was moved to its current headquarters, located on the Central Highway, at the exit of Matanzas.

From the date to the present there are thousands of athletes graduated in the center, where 29 sports are practiced and, in spite of the difficulties, the institution continues to prestige the sport in the territory, because only last year, during the School Games, the representatives of Matanzas obtained the 6th national place with 44 gold, 39 silver and 52 bronze medals.

These days the school is immersed in a process of constructive renovation with the purpose of rescuing some areas such as the theater, the boardwalk and, mainly, the dormitories.

According to Frank Almendariz Dávalos, director of the center, the reform was necessary, because although the institution was remodeled around ten years ago, today the facilities present an advanced level of deterioration, which suggests that those works were not carried out with the required quality.

Guaranteeing the good compliance of the works is the main interest of the center’s staff, said the manager, since the comfort of the facilities taxes the performance of the athletes.

On the other hand, a large number of the teams in the first category of the territory train in the EIDE, due to the lack of facilities, so when Frank Almendariz Dávalos says the school becomes the core of sport in Matanzas.

However, hosting the training of senior teams, for example, basketball, may be overloading sports areas for students.The EIDE, thanks to the results of its students, contributes to the fact that the territory is the fifth province that more athletes contribute to the national centers of high performance.

In 2019 they will have to finish the much-needed restorations that are being carried out today, which will allow students to study and train in a more comfortable environment. This will undoubtedly guarantee the increase of the results of the students in the national championships.