8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Zafra in Matanzas, near the goal.

When there are 20 thousand 238 tons of sugar to be produced and one month to complete the 2018-2019 harvest in the territory, workers in the sector have the possibility of fulfilling the technical-economic plan, according to the director of the Matanzas Sugar Company, Ricardo Sánchez Calero.

“The province is the second best results in the ground and the fourth in the accumulated. The closer we have been to the goal is this year, “said the director.

The potential yield of sugar cane (RPC) is used to 84.25 percent and the refining plan, which was completed on March 26, already exceeds 33 thousand tons of sugar with a thousand 985 more than in the same period of the year previous.

“The central Mario Muñoz today produces the white sugar of the basic basket and the refinery is the only area in Cuba that works with bagasse, which reports electricity savings to the country. However, the effects on its turbo-generators, dating from 1986, and the US blockade that prevents the purchase of spare parts, limit the colossus of Los Arabos, “Sánchez Calero added.

Several factors also affect the efficiency of the current harvest, such as industrial breaks, the absence of parts and implements (electrodes, grease, laminates, acid for cleaning) and the high accumulated rainfall that cause industrial lost time.

In central Mexico, in the municipality of Colón, the difficulties are concentrated in the poor technical condition of the lifting mat and in the operation and efficiency of the factory.

While the Jesús Rabí, in Calimete, must prioritize the stability in the ground and make changes in the upper bearing of the industry and incorporate the fourth mill.

However, the territory has sufficient cane to produce the sugar that is currently traded on the international market at $ 278 per ton.