8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Inspired by the environmentalist thinking of Dr. Rosa Elena Simeón, that “A residual is only a poorly prepared raw material”, the workers of the No Agropecuarian Cooperative (CNA) ATRES, of Matanzas, work on the profile of the Ecomadera.

Aligned with the Plan of the Cuban State Life Task and the needs of the country to reduce imports, Ecomadera becomes an ecological, sustainable and sustainable solution because it consists of the combination of several residuals for the replacement of wood.


About the insertion in that productive area by the cooperative, formed in 2014 to work in carpentry, blacksmithing, non-ferrous metal smelting, textile confection and screen printing, José Antonio Soto Pérez, substitute of the president, commented:

“We have realized the level of contamination that plastics offer when they are thrown into micro-dumps, rivers, seas.”For this they were equipped with equipment to process the plastic by thermoforming.

“The technology of Ecomadera is the result of the recycling policy that distinguishes the CNA, is part of the recovery of machinery that had the Cuban industry in disuse. We incorporate new elements, some other work of lathe, blacksmithing, to ensure our productions. “Productions that require raw material:

“The raw material we thought would be difficult because although you cannot see there is a great demand for plastic. The industry itself recycles, the non-state sector also, but the advantage that Ecomadera has today is that it works with all kinds of plastic, meaning that we can recycle the seven main plastic groups that exist, not all in the same volume, but mixtures are achieved and that offers us advantages against the demands of the national industry that does use a specific type, because obviously it is not the same utility, nor the same benefits “.

In this effort of Ecomadera alliances are promoted with the Raw Materials Company.

“Materia Prima has a difficult situation due to the large volumes of plastic stored that it had no possibility of giving it a final destination in the recycling process. We speak of more than 40 tons stored per year. We also bring plastic from Granma province and the special municipality Isla de la Juventud. ”


And it is that this material is used with great acceptance in the manufacture of furnishings and outdoor decoration for resistance to corrosive substances, cold and heat, ultraviolet rays, moisture, does not suffer biological attack, does not crack and does not need maintenance.

Who in these summer days choose the beaches or bathing areas of the Matanzas city to alleviate the effects of high atmospheric temperatures can appreciate that in places like the small beach of Yugoslavia, access to the sea has been facilitated with the new footbridges installed there.

The structures bear the signature of the No Agropecuarian Coopeeative ATRES, a collective from Matanzas that works with plastics, which take more than a hundred years to degrade and recover from the environment to obtain the Ecomadera.