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Political authorities travel through Matanzas beaches and Matanzas services facilities.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 julio, 2019

Matanzas political and governmental authorities made this July 26th, National Rebellion Day, a tour of beaches and facilities in Matanzas city where services are provided to the population.

The tour began on the El Coral beach, a bathing area that, under the direction of the Flora and Fauna Company, is recovering from the serious effects caused by Hurricane Irma.

Shedding, constructive restoration of the ranchón-cafeteria, placement of guano umbrellas and regeneration of coastal vegetation, are part of the rehabilitation plan recognized by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province, who called to profile the final details to make the official reopening this August 13th, date of the 93rd anniversary of Fidel’s birth.

The delegation also visited El Mamey, Buey Vaca, Yugoslavia and La Caridad beaches, all inserted in the process of constructive restoration and services to respond to the demands of Matanzas people and foreigners who prefer our beaches for summer recreation.

On this occasion, Izquierdo Alonso highlighted the excellent work that was carried out in Buey Vaca and recommended taking advantage of the spaces of the north coast of Matanzas to increase recreation offers in those areas, maintaining a constant cleanliness to avoid the accumulation of the stones that the sea is dragging on the shore.

He also called on administrations to implement initiatives, options that are more attractive to the family.


In another part of the tour we attended the inauguration of the Courier services of the Matanzas Post Office, a new activity that is distinguished by facilitating the courier of international packages to the house in just days.

The culmination of the visit to sites of interest was in El Barco, a peculiar establishment that located on the Narváez pedestrian promenade, received significant improvements that led to the increase in its attractiveness.

From there the First Secretary of the Party in Matanzas highlighted, few places in Cuba have a space like this on Narváez Street, so we have to increase trade in this important way with cultural and gastronomic alternatives that meet the demands of the people .




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