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The same games of then.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 julio, 2019

Did you hear how they mention you on Radio Reloj? -exclaims a neighbor first thing in the morning and then congratulates me, hugs me, smiles at me, wraps her love in a kiss and brings it straight to my face.

That Radio Union has earned the love of the people! -he tells me near the ear and I, in an instant I walk the most incredible 365 days of my life. I pinch myself, I shake and yes, I’m awake, my dream is material, palpable, real, unique, desired.

This is my toy, the basic one, the non-basic one, the directed one, the one I’ve always wanted and I still don’t believe it – THERE IS AN ISSUER IN THE UNIÓN DE REYES. I already experienced this, it is deja vú effect. The orange bush that died a long time ago in my patio knows it well, under it I became an announcer, to the shelter of its shadow Radio Unión transmitted for the first time, when I was only eight or nine years old.

She witnesses the news that changed her name every day, from special programs in invented cyclones, from the tune of people who never heard anything. She was friends with the crazy child, who stopped at the psychologist because she spoke alone for many hours of the day. Of the one who in consultation asked the doctor to talk with his dad to buy him a station.

On July 23rd, 2018 I greeted the dreams of that child and smiled happily, I was dressed in big people, but I had the same games of that time.





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