18 September, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Let’s go for more.” Take care, preserve, respect and help MORE.

The Ecological Festival Let’s go for more that promotes the network of popular educators Dragonflies, of Matanzas, will be held this Sunday, August 18th at El Tenis beach.

In this opportunity, in addition to cleaning and caring for the beach, plastic recycling will be carried out and utilitarian objects built with this material converted into Ecomadera will be exhibited.

Environmental education actions, snorkeling loans for beach sanitation and samples of the artistic work of the socio-community projects working on the network, among other surprises, will also be carried out.


With this program that is inserted within the campaign for a cleaner beach, which during the summer months takes place in the Matanzas coast, the favorable experiences of the beach of El Bahía are extended to others such as Buey Vaca, Allende and El Tennis.

In the Ecological Festival Let’s go for more, in addition to the network of popular educators Dragonflies, de Matanzas, the socio-community projects Trastomangos, Steed of Hope, CocoMar, Neighborhood Unit, among other work groups of the various Matanzas Popular Councils.

To support this performance, the City Conservator’s Office, the Community Services Company, the CNA Arte 3, the CITMA, Provincial Culture and the UJC, among other groups, will be present.


In the same way, the cooperation of other institutions such as Commerce and Gastronomy, Palmares, Caracol, ARTEX and MINTUR is called for and called for, due to their business and environmental responsibility in coastal areas that are also recreation and recreation.

This initiative aims at local development in its community, economic and environmental sociocultural dimension. It is the first proposal of impact for the awareness of the population about the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing plastic pollution.