24 January, 2022

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Three decades building and fulfilling Fidel.

Workers such as Fidel Montero Machado keep intact in his memory on September 25th, 1989, the date of the foundation of the Heroes de Playa Girón Contingent, currently the Construction Brigade of Architectural Works (BCOA 47), protagonist in the housing growth of the Varadero destination, main Antillean spa.

“It was a very rainy day, so much water fell that we thought they would suspend the act … When Fidel Castro Ruz arrived, although we were still getting wet, the sun came out right there for everyone who was there,” recalls excited the man who was just a young man of 25 years when he first saw the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution up close.

“The flagging of our contingent coincided with the opening of the Juan Gualberto Gómez airport. That is why the two groups arrive on the same date at birthdays, as these three decades we are celebrating, ”he says.

“On that historic day, the Commander in Chief urged us to successfully complete the tasks related to the development of the tourism sector and committed us to challenges that would not be easy. Today we can be proud to honor your request.

“Since then, here, in addition to building hotels such as Paradiso, Puntarena, Sol Palmeras, Meliá Varadero, Meliá Las Américas, among many others, we have also executed social works.”

Remembrances such as those of Montero Machado are usually evoked by any of the founders of the current BCOA 47, a force willing to continue responding to Fidel’s call 30 years ago, when he defined the contingents as an idea “truly new and based on a series of principles and concepts that have already been indicated more than once; they are based mainly on discipline, on the discipline imposed by the collective, on the consecration to work, on the salary system that does not conspire against quality ”.

We cannot let these concepts die, says Everto Yero Martínez, director of the BCOA 47. In his opinion, one of the main purposes is to maintain the status of National Vanguard, the high category granted by the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) that It summarizes the optimal combination of economic indicators, quality and union performance.

Right now, he says, we are facing the construction of the Oasis hotel, probably the biggest challenge in the history of this force. It is, he explains, a complex project, for everything it demands from the structural point of view. “It is, without doubt, the most complex of all built,” he says.

Making memory, rummaging through the pile of facilities created, a work emerges as the favorite. “The current Royalton Hicacos, not only for the termination but for the way in which it is maintained today from the point of view of its operations, leads the preference in Varadero and in the country, and that satisfies us a lot.”

According to Yero Martínez, an important weight in the history of the contingent is the construction of social works, among which the repair of student centers such as the emblematic University of Computer Sciences and the Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences Vladimir I. Lenin.

Housing, children’s circles, family doctor’s offices, hospitals, polyclinics, rehabilitation rooms and important infrastructure such as aqueducts and sewers, telephone, electrical underground and storm drainage also grew from his hands. The BCOA 47 service sheet highlights the fulfillment of missions abroad and in the country, such as those provided in Havana, Holguin, province where they participated in the expansion of the Hotel Pesquero, a facility also inaugurated by Fidel.

The Heroes de Playa Girón Contingent was conceived as a new type of force to undertake productive exploits in the transformation of the Varadero environment and to give an important contribution to the Cuban economy with the construction and remodeling of rooms for international tourism.

Three decades after its creation, the coincidence is complete: “We will not fail either the Revolution or Fidel.”