1 August, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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With more than 200 varieties of ornamental plants, the Green Areas and Nurseries Unit of the Construction and Assembly Company of Matanzas guarantees the gardening of the works that are carried out in the territory and surrounding provinces.

The crotos, ixoras, marpacific and dionidia, are the species that are most commercialized for being resistant to diseases and drought, explained Osvaldo Redondo González, head of the entity located in Gelpis.

Since the year 20015 the nursery area holds the ISSO 9001 quality certificate for the efficiency in planting and care of plants and the ability of workers to perform this work.

Recently this Unit obtained recognition for contributing in the previous year more than one million 600 thousand pesos for the increase in the production of ornamental plants.

The group is made up of 20 workers with a high sense of belonging with the task they perform and the result proves it, added Osvaldo Redondo González, head of the Unit.