8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Partially restore urban bus service in Matanzas.

The urban bus service in the provincial capital is partially restored with the departure of 15 routes from Monday to Friday and eleven buses Saturday and Sunday. The decision does not eliminate the orientation of state vehicles picking up passengers at different stops in the territory, whose breach will proceed severely.

During the videoconference with the municipalities and directors of organizations, chaired by the first secretary of the provincial Committee of the Party, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, and by Tania León Silveira, president of the Assembly of Popular Power in the same instance, it was also known that 87 settlements Distant rural people will be guaranteed transportation to transfer students to schools. The discipline is sought from the public so that children and young people approach the buses in the first place.

In the exchange, the position of rigor was debated in the face of the indisciplines of private drivers who abuse prices by demanding high payments for small tranches, such as cases that occurred in Unión de Reyes and Cidra in particular, where fines were applied to five of them. of two thousand pesos and withdrawal of the license, in addition to detecting three illegals, to whom sanctions were imposed.

Regarding energy savings, it was known that Cárdenas managed to free himself from overconsumption, but Matanzas remains behind with an overdraft of 48 megawatts / hour. It is worth remembering that by turning off lamps and unplugging unnecessary equipment during the “peak” hours, the cost is reduced significantly. And it would be said, if the Cardenenses could, the Yumurinos could not be less.

Among other important points, Liván Izquierdo stressed working on the measures of sustainability of hygiene and health, as well as maintaining the rhythm of daily blood donations, in the first place, for its high humanitarian value.