8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Are leaders necessary?.

The leaders exist. Some are innate and others are forged, but all have a common denominator: they are able to route the thinking and action of a group of people.

Sometimes it is thought that one can walk in life as a loose electron, that nobody is needed. But the existence shows that since we are born father or mother is the driver, then the teacher, the horniest or attractive friends, the boss at work or self, when he stands as a guide for others. That whole system is part of human evolution, if not, nature would have devoured the wandering crowds.

I am of the opinion that some are born with that gift of dragging followers. He has skills and a social influence that allows him to express his charisma. We have many cases in Cuba and in the world. His ideology is categorical, persuasive, and forceful.

There are those who do not seem to be or notice, but at a crucial moment the response to the facts, the wise vision of what is worth doing, their personal preparation continues and discernment to promote the essential changes, selects it among the rest and acquires that rank There are also many examples of this class in Cuba.

Studies indicate that a leader is the person who heads the group, acts according to his criteria and does not expect others to tell him what to do, a leader not only decides, he performs.

The interesting thing today is to understand that leadership is not something imposed. This position is granted to those who inspire, convince and persuade to achieve common goals. Therefore it is worth trusting your choice and likewise understands that if someone has already fulfilled its function it must be renewed.

Driving a house, a workplace, a municipality or province and the nation itself deserves the greatest responsibility and spirit of justice. In the hands of the guide is the progress or not of your project and it depends on beings that place their security in the hands of someone who deserves respect and demand at the same time. Both categories complement each other to carry out what you want to achieve, with effort and effectiveness.