8 May, 2021

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Control: synonymous with efficiency.

The control of accounts receivable and payable between the Wholesale and Retail Trade and the semiannual contribution to the commercial circulation plan were subjects of argument in the exchange of opinions between the vice minister of the aforementioned sector, Miriam Pérez González, and branch managers in the territory

The commercial circulation plan is fulfilled in the months of September and October, despite having a debt of more than 165 million pesos in relation to the figure assigned to Commerce, Gastronomy and Services in Matanzas.


The new payment system was also analyzed, which is undoubtedly more beneficial for workers, as it depends on the effort they make. This process can be carried out in different ways, among which are the calculations of the rate by type of sale, production and income less costs, the latter is the one with the highest salary increase.

Pérez González said that it is necessary to know this new system by workers, who are aware of the role they play, because the salary has no limits. There is also another resolution that allows the diversification of services in the units in order to obtain more profits.

Pedro Víctor Simón Rodríguez, secretary general of the National Trade Union of Workers of Commerce, Gastronomy and Services, said that the spectrum of units that benefit from the new payment system must be expanded, since its application is not optional and in the Matanzas province is only implanted in 249 units.

Simón Rodríguez concluded that at the end of December of the current year all workers in this sector will earn their payment for the new system, a fact that will also be supervised by the union leaders.