17 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

It is no secret to anyone that, given the upsurge of the Yankee blockade of Cuba, the transport situation becomes more complex.

For this reason and in order to alleviate the transfer of passengers, transport managers in Matanzas have established mechanisms to make the passage of the Matanzas more viable through the boarding points.

One very efficient was the creation of the contingent made up of men and women who are located at different stops to “help” the awareness of state vehicle drivers to share their trip with the population.

In the city of Matanzas there are more than one hundred transport workers: say personal offices and chauffeurs who face the reorganization of work are left with little content and assume that task.

The experience has been widely accepted and is even said to be extended to the rest of the country.

It is true that most drivers stop and pick up people, but, be careful, be very careful with the systematic nature that the mechanism deserves in the current moments.

In interviews conducted by different places in the Athens of Cuba it was found that a few weeks after the practice, some accommodation is noticed by the inspectors, but even greater in the drivers.

For example, this Monday at the Peñas Altas stop a woman, belonging to the company “Aguas Varadero” stops her red, empty Peugeot, asks for two passengers and points out that the third one who could move cannot board because her bag occupied the front seat.

In the investigation carried out also referred to the permanence of the carriers at the stops: “sometimes they delay lunch time and are long outside,” said people in Matanzas.

Luckily, these cases are isolated, but they must disappear from Cuban routines. They are times of help and union. It is urgent to discard selfish actions that only hinder and tarnish the work of an entire people that resists and defends their nation.