1 August, 2021

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Work in Calimete to improve the educational sector.

Calimete municipality is working on the third educational improvement that takes place in the country, which arises from the need to update books, plans, programs and methodological guidelines from the development of science, social requirements, changes operated in society and the need to put the school up to the times.

According to the Deputy Director of Education, Jorge Blanco Lima, the strategy is carried out at different educational levels of the Calimete Popular Council.

In order to carry out the strategy, the municipal structure, the board of directors of the centers and their teachers, as well as the agents and agencies involved in this process were prepared.

He added that for the methodological work, group, social, technical and productive educational projects, work with the family and networking were taken into account, which involves the educational centers of the selected Popular Council, entities and organizations.

He also said that the municipal structure accompanies the centers to introduce and implement the changes.