24 January, 2022

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Havana Biennial in Matanzas: we dream as much as possible.

The Havana Biennial is considered one of the most recognized events of the visual arts at international level since its creation, in 1984. The exhibition of contemporary art that summons the creators who in their work defend the national identity, will extend their spaces for the first time to other provinces of the country, among them Cienfuegos, Sancti Spíritus and Camagüey.

Matanzas will be the venue of the event, between April 15TH and May 12TH, with 15 projects that integrate the work of more than 60 local artists. As part of the visual route in the Athens of Cuba, the photographic exhibition of two young artists will be located on Contreras Street.

The kingdom of this world is titled the suggestive show that Julio César García will offer. The amount of photographs will depend on the museology we choose. The space we have is not so big, so there should be no more than ten images. ”

The Matanzas had the opportunity to enjoy this photographic series last September, during the celebration of the Fiestas for Memory in Matanzas and now Julio César takes it back to the forefront of the anonymous inhabitants who cross the city in search of survival by selling The most varied articles. For its part, Leslie Loyola’s proposal includes five large-format portraits related to children who begin in religion.

The Arraigo collective, groups nine artists of the lens. “The project of the photographers who are inside the Biennial arises as an initiative of a group of lens professionals interested in joining their works. From this, he is the only one that brings together so many artists of the same specialty.

“By organizing the curatorship each one of us assumed a physical space to exhibit the works. In my study we will be Leslie Loyola with a very interesting work of five large-format images related to children who start in religion and I with the series The Kingdom of this World”.

Garcia advocated the impact of participating in the Biennial not only to promote the work of the artists of the courtyard, but also to strengthen ties of work and collaboration.

“The Biennial is the most significant art fair that Cuba has and it will be a propitious space for many more people to see our proposals, including critics and artists who come to participate. It is the first time that the city hosts such an event.

“If we take into account that we live in an island country with a market that, from an artistic point of view, depends on importation, I believe that it will also contribute to establishing closer relations of cooperation and exchange.

“There are artists who are over fifty and have never had an opportunity like this. For younger people it also represents an important motivation. ”

Under the motto The construction of the possible, the lines of work of the Havana Biennial have had continuity during their most recent editions with projects linked to other artistic manifestations such as music, literature, theater and dance.

In Matanzas the exception will not occur since from the heights of Monserrate to the Castle of San Severino the city will host, in addition to the 12 official exhibition sites and a dozen community extensions, performances, a theoretical meeting in three moments and concerts.

In institutions such as the Provincial Museum Palacio de Junco; The Esquerré and Genesis galleries and on the river walk of Narváez Street with all their studies and workshop galleries will be developed, although the main headquarters of the Biennale in the city will be the Palace of Justice, current headquarters of the Conservative Office of the city.