9 May, 2021

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Delay in search of greater efficiency.

The Jesús Rabí sugar mill has been slow to activate its chimney, which responds to the delays faced during the repair stage, mainly in the mill and energy areas.

About the actions carried out on this site, Evelio Lázaro Alfonso Peña, provincial head of maintenance at the Matanzas Sugar Company, argued:

“A new system of stainless steel trays and channels was installed, with a modification of the technology for pumping the guarapo, which also includes maceration and strainer. This will allow eliminating, totally, the loss of guarapo and contributing to the efficiency”.

While Eliecer Alfonso Paret, director of the Jesús Rabí Industry Base Business Unit, explained that the delay of a mass, received on December 10 in progress, planned day for the start, brought the delay.

He added that to speed up the work they receive the support of several mechanics brigades of the René Fraga Moreno plant.

When will the harvest begin?

Eliecer said, “We must start before closing December and the commitment is to produce 33,768 tons (t) of sugar, in the framed harvest until the coming April 30” He added that an enormous effort has been made to enlist the contest, with The purpose of seeking a higher level of production than the preceding stage and greater efficiency.

How has the staff prepared for the coming harvest?

The workforce has been prepared through training; we have incorporated one hundred percent of the workers. We have proposed to achieve greater efficiency and reduce lost time; this would give a superior harvest.

During the process we will maintain the accompaniment of the workers with the technicians, heads of areas, of integral and collective shifts, we want to maintain the unit, which allows superior results.

The energy contribution, how does it behave?

Based on the availability of the grass, the plant has the proposal to build a bioelectric plant and this has led to some modifications in the industry, which has increased the milling capacity, from three thousand tons of cane to almost three thousand 700 and rigged to this is an increase in electricity consumption.

The energy contribution is still a difficulty in Jesus Rabbi. It is the only ingenuity in Cuba that does not self-supply 100 percent, achieving it at 84, the rest consumes it from the national network.

What actions are taken to reduce energy consumption?

Some saving measures have been adopted, especially in the “peak hours”. We have distributed the electric charge in the start-up procedures, which will make it easier to achieve greater organization from the electrical point of view, which will make it possible to reach 86 percent of self-supply.