24 January, 2022

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Non Agropecuarian Cooperative Sancof for more competitiveness.

“In these seven years you have reinforced your commitment to the Revolution, to the people of Matanzas and the Communist Party of Cuba ,” said the top leader of the political organization in Matanzas, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, speaking at the assembly of members of the Non-Agricultural Cooperative of Servicies and Caskets (Sancof).

You have just demonstrated with results that the condition of Labor Prowess can be achieved and that it was possible, it is possible and it will be. That is why we ratify that we can continue to count on Sancof, “said Izquierdo Alonso, congratulating the Cooperative for the sustained and successful performance achieved since its foundation on October 22nd, 2013.

When making the conclusions of the assembly held the day before at the PCC provincial school, Carlos de Dios Oquendo, general secretary of the National Union of Construction Workers, recalled the moment of the founding of the Cooperative, arising from the transformation of a Unit Base Business.

He said that then there was indecision in prices, if they would make a profit and how the workers would be treated. “Today it is satisfying to know that in times of the pandemic you have allocated more than 400 thousand pesos from your reserves to support and amortize the income of workers.
“With the 78 million contributed in total currency (sum of the values ​​in CUP and CUC), Sancof is a faithful reflection of the complementarity of the actors in the Cuban economy.”

De Dios Oquendo affirmed that in more than five years the Cooperative has been marked by efficiency and quality, “so we can demonstrate that the development plan until 2030 in Cuba is viable and possible,” he considered.

Miguel Ángel Paz, president of the Cooperative, evaluated the situation of the organization, very depressed in the activity of renting and manipulating scaffolds, but, according to requests from some organizations, on the way to resuscitation.

We have a high responsibility to continue perfecting our work, for the benefit of society; We are one more player in the economy and we believe that the new measures approved by the country put the state sector in a better situation, which makes us very happy, and also forces us to be more efficient, “reflected Paz.

The president of the Cooperative called for developing more activities based on the training project, but the urgency, he said, is to optimize the activities we do. We are not exempt from quality issues, he emphasized. “We aspire to certify our quality management system, because it is not yet optimal.
“We have to continue betting on improving quality and performance. There are many productive reserves and if together we do not polish some issues, we will have difficulties to win a bid, to be able to enter the competition ”, he warned.

The formula, he urged, lies in efficiency, that will make us more competitive, he urged. “We are going to live with a single currency, what we have achieved is not enough. Every step we take will become new goals ”, he stressed.

Paz affirmed that not even in the middle of Covid-19 were they paralyzed, unlike other colleagues who were interrupted. “That tells us that we must be more efficient, better cooperative members. It’s about being able to keep up with work and satisfied customers. There is a three percent that is not it and that speaks of that everything is not perfect ”.

Throughout its existence, Sancof consolidates the culture of duty as a characteristic aspect, associates agreed, most of whom stand out for their contribution to social programs and are exponents of such an altruistic gesture as blood donations, where they accumulate 620 and they aim to average 150 by 2021.

At the assembly, Yoanka Pérez was given the membership card of the Communist Party of Cuba and the employees who completed the Molecular Biology Laboratory in record time (only 32 days) were recognized, a work that earned Sancof the flag of Proeza Labor, granted by the Council of State, at the proposal of the Cuba Trade Workers Union.

In the activity, the CTC and the provincial Bureau of the Construction Union gave the Cooperativethe status of collective In Victoria, due to the fulfillment of essential tasks and missions.
Comprehensive care for members characterizes the work of a Cooperative, busy with medical care, recreation, and professional growth of a force that gives prestige to the Cuban cooperative movement.

Currently Sancof works in 18 economic and social works that include sectors such as Tourism, Gastronomy, Health, Transport, Housing, among other organizations, and is striving to finish the Buenaventura bridge in November. Zapata Swamp, one of the relevant investments in salute to the 60th anniversary of the victory in the sands of Playa Girón.

The assembly began with the projection of a video summary of Sancof’s work in seven years of life, audiovisual where several clients expressed their agreement with the work carried out by this Cooperative, which reports 97 percent satisfaction.

In the new stage of work, the Cooperative intends to promote the food production program, to serve its members, family members and the community, an aspect that shows support for thinking as a country.

The Sancof assembly was attended, among other leaders, by Yosveny Verdeal, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba in Matanzas; Osmar Ramírez, Secretary General of the Provincial Committee of the Cuban Trade Union Workers, and Marieta Poey, Vice Governor.

The associates agreed to comply with the works execution schedule.