24 January, 2022

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Abstract paintings in the UNEAC House, in Matanzas.

The Canto Primero exhibition, by the young César Alejandro Martínez Guerrero, is exhibited in the Esteban Chartrand room, of the Union of Writers and Artists in Matanzas. It constitutes an abstractionist essay, which was the painter’s graduation thesis at the Roberto Diago Provincial School of Art.

According to Lauren Mederos Díaz, curator and museum designer, the sample includes 15 pieces worked on glass using wood and drawing in a collage with small and medium-sized acetate, acrylic and paper sheets.

When inquiring about the theme of these works, the author expressed that he is inspired by certain artistic influences.

The motivation of the works stems from the analysis I make of Boecio’s Renaissance painting up to the abstraction of the 1950s in Cuba, in the interpretation of art history within that process. I chose a theme that reflected my discomfort with painting, a kind of doubt, questioning. ”

I point out that the human being is appreciated as the main subject:
“It is as a body, in that examination of the anatomy that we began in our studies, with the influence of Servando Cabrera in terms of his stage in the 60s of the last century, a tribute to loneliness and torso.”

Regarding this movement in the country, in his consideration it is not very active.

I would like more an awakening, to appreciate that natural song that it makes possible, because it doesn’t have to be narrative. And to me, in particular, every day he emits more voices and then the painting asks me for that signal. ”

We predict success at the Higher Institute of Art for César Alejandro Martínez Guerrero from Matanzas, who until next November presents to the public his exhibition Canto Primero, at the UNEAC House in Matanzas.