8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Blockade: practice or theory?

Laura is looking for a medicine with a lot of work. Minutes, hours, days go by and you can’t find it. She has mobilized her friends and family in search of the only antidote that can heal her. From hospital to hospital, from pharmacy to pharmacy and nothing. It seems as if the universe conspired against your health.

Time advances along with your discomfort. The itch quickly invades your body. She does not sleep, the nights are torture. You can infect the people around you and that terrifies you. The possibilities decrease, but your willpower increases.

It all started with a simple rash. Days passed and new symptoms appeared. The dermatologist predicted scabies and prescribed Permethrin as the only remedy to kill the parasite. Laura was not alone, there had been a wave of sick people in the city for months. People who, like her, needed the medicine urgently.

She immediately went with the prescription to the hospital pharmacy. Surprise!!! There are no options there or elsewhere. Thoughtful, anguished, she arrives home. Discuss the diagnosis with your family. Why me? She asks herself repeatedly. She never thought she would get sick from something like that. It is time to act.

The circle closes. Patience collapses. A rain of disagreements and suggestions begins.
-I stay cold. Why do doctors prescribe if there is nothing ?, says her mother as angry with the world.
-The thing is ugly, ugly and everything is the fault of the blockade, says the grandmother with an air of good sense.

The economic, political and financial blockade imposed by the United States since 1960 is a reality. The people of Cuba suffer the attacks and deficiencies caused by the recrudescence of this plague that accompanies the idiosyncrasy of the Cuban.

Education and health represent several of the worst affected sectors. The shortage of hygiene products, food, fuel, has become routine.

Cuba’s trade with other countries is decreasing more and more. Few allies offer their help, despite the siege implemented by the northern neighbor.

The chess board runs out of chips. The opposite is pending of each movement or strategy to counterattack. It puts the Cubans in check, but they cannot with the survival mentality that characterizes them.

Ideological and media campaigns are gaining strength in recent years. Although there are unbelievers who prefer to find the false culprit. They accuse the Cuban government, the system, and ignore history and current affairs. They do not appreciate that without arguments you cannot win a trial. They prefer to regret rather than seek alternatives to the situation.

Solution discovers Laura to her problem. After so much meditation in silence with her conscience, she remembers a friend, Esperanza. Fate or chance, the agreement of the name with the circumstance?
She only knows that she is betting blindly and that Facebook opens a door for her to Spain. A message ends the hardship.

-Hope, I’m writing to you because necessity speaks for me. I am sick and Permethrin is the medicine that can cure me. There is not here. My family and I are desperate.
-What are friends for! I buy it for you and send it to you with a friend who is traveling to Varadero tomorrow.