8 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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In Matanzas optimize the sale of products released by means of QR code .

Before popular approval, the digitization and control of the sale of regulated released products began to be implemented in Matanzas by using the QR code.

With high standards of appreciation, the measure obliges local administrations to control the flow of sales and the illegalities committed by “coleros” and resellers.

The designs of the operating system were discussed this Monday afternoon in a meeting with the highest authorities of the province. Governor Mario Sabines Lorenzo insisted on the need to control distribution in such a way that it reaches all the Popular Councils equitably.

QR codes will begin to be assigned through the Office to families that do not have legal ownership to acquire the basic basket and more than one code will be distributed to large families.

Each person has the right to buy essential products such as toothpaste, chicken, mincemeat, laundry and bath soaps and sausages with a maximum of two QR codes.

The activity meets the demographic characteristics of each Popular Council.

For this reason, the authorities present at the points of sale must attend to fundamental organizational issues such as the organization of the “queues”, compliance with physical distancing and attention to social cases that demand a priority of purchase, explained Sabines Lorenzo.

The new measure still requires specialization of those involved, say authorities-entities-and store workers. Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province, emphasized the need to control the distribution of TRD and CIMEX so that basic supplies reach the population in an equitable manner.

The merchandise distribution schedules were discussed during the meeting, in order to provide comforts to the population in this regard.

In the presence of 95 percent of representatives of state organizations and heads of Popular Councils in Matanzas, solutions to the main proposals were addressed and sought, with the unanimous criterion that distribution by QR code, although it does not reach the entire supply , is a measure that controls hoarding and distributes with equality and right to all.

They assured that, to the extent that Matanzas gains control of distribution, the IT strategy carried out with QR codes will improve its corporate purpose, which generates trust and security in our population, which gradually assumes the new modality as part of your everyday reality.