24 January, 2022

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The Green Jungle of Matanzas visual arts .

From the name to the proposal, they incite the imagination. The La Jungla Verde peña, based in the Pedro Esquerré gallery, becomes a space for aesthetic, motivating analysis for the creation of visual arts in Matanzas.

Regarding this meeting place, we interviewed the painter Alexander Lobaina Jiménez, host of this artistic congregation, interested in knowing how much he has contributed to the promotion of visual arts in the province: “I think it is a kind of oasis, because it is one of the few spaces that exist to debate and talk about contemporary art. It is characterized by being open, where everyone can comment on a topic, which is not imposed, but originates from the prevailing atmosphere in this universe.

Beyond, for example, the Roberto Diago Provincial Hall, where a theoretical event is promoted with lectures.

Many in this year have dedicated themselves to photography, because an upward movement is palpable. Matanzas stands as a bastion in this genre and the setting is ideal for researchers and experimentalists to meet. ”

The most recent was dedicated to the development of photography at the country level and a video of the works of 20 young talents was seen, including Lesly Loyola from Matanzas, participants in the official selection of the 23rd edition of PhotoEspaña 2020, one of the largest international forums dedicated to showing a large part of the current image in the European country.

From the beginnings of La Jungla Verde, Lobaina points out: “We have been here for four years, it began in 2016 on a monthly basis, if possible. I qualify it as a dialogical, inclusive, thought site about visual art in its broadest sense. It usually has a guest or theme. Videos are posted, images that contribute to knowledge. “

In the peña, sponsored by the Provincial Council of Visual Arts, artists from the patio, nationals and other countries have participated with their artistic projects … “I remember that we have been accompanied by prominent painters, ceramists, sculptors, also two North American artists who worked the line of the installations, likewise the poet Israel Domínguez made a performance with the Afro-Cuban theme and thus many interesting offers, in which respect for any creative opinion. “

It is important to have in this city, profuse in artistic concerns, such an attractive collation space. In these atypical times, in which creators take refuge in their homes or workshops, the realization of the La Jungla Verde rock at the Esquerré gallery is a laudable way of stimulating the visual arts in the City of Bridges.