24 January, 2022

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A day of white helmets.

El director de la ECM de Matanzas recibió diploma de reconocimiento de manos de Liván Izquierdo Alonso (segundo de derecha a izquierda) y del gobernador Mario Sabines. Foto: De la Autora.

The director of the ECM of Matanzas received a diploma of recognition from Liván Izquierdo Alonso (second from right to left) and Governor Mario Sabines.
Photo: From the Author.
A high point in the celebration of the day for Constructor’s Day occurred just this December 5, Saturday where the Union of Workers of such an important sector decided to share the central celebrations between the cities of Matanzas and Cárdenas, the two main productive poles of this western province.
Very early in the morning, white helmets from the yumurina Construction and Assembly Company (ECM) met at the Agropecuaria, one of its basic units, to reaffirm loyalty to the Cuban Revolution from the foundation of quality and compliance with deadlines of the works, the best way, they assured, to support the country in its economic and social strategy.
When reading the summary report of the work so far this year, engineer Rafael Félix Alfonso Ramos, general director of ECM, emphasized the difficult conditions of an unprecedented year in the history of a group inserted in the priority programs of the nation without reporting a single case of Covid-19, a possible balance, he specified, thanks to the discipline of the employees.
Alfonso Ramos mentioned the challenge of doing things right from the first time, to avoid the expense of resources, essential in investments, among which he pointed out some finished and others in execution such as those related to rice development programs, housing , tourism, roads, as well as other works.
We have many goals to achieve, especially the existing reserves in the returns of the workforce, in quality, in the improvement of the investment process, assured the general director of the ECM.
Por el óptimo desempeño, fueron reconocidas varias unidades empresariales de base de la ECM de Matanzas. Foto: De la Autora.
For the optimal performance, several basic business units of the ECM of Matanzas were recognized.
Photo: From the Author.
 She listed advances in the attention to workers, in food, transportation to the works, housing conditions, in the declaration of dining rooms and model pantries, areas which, she said, we must support to continue improving balances.
The manager highlighted the participation of the ECM in the sponsorship of the Pediatric and Cardenas hospitals, in the fight against cholera, and in the production of food, where the promotion of self-consumption deserves special mention, with the development of orchards and flower beds, encouraged by the productive movement You can.
In making the conclusions, Anabel Milián Veguería, general secretary of the Provincial Union of Construction Workers (SPTC), reaffirmed the position of the white helmets to support the sovereignty of a country with total right not to allow the interference of the United States in your internal affairs. A Girón will always wait here for those who try to attack us, she said.
Osmar Ramírez colocó la medalla Armando Mestre Martínez en el pecho de varios constructores. Foto: De la Autora.
Osmar Ramírez placed the Armando Mestre Martínez medal on the chests of several builders.
Photo: From the Author.
Chaired by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, in the celebration ceremony the Armando Mestre Martínez medal was awarded to those who have worked together for 20 or 25 years in a row in the sector, the most basic business units were recognized. outstanding and the status of collective En Victoria was delivered.
Las CNA Sagebien (en la foto), La Concordia y Sancof figuraron entre los colectivos declarados En Victoria. Foto: De la Autora.

The CNAs Sagebien (in the photo), La Concordia and Sancof were among the collectives declared In Victoria.
Photo: From the Author.
On the afternoon of this Saturday, a similar activity took place in the investment of the Sirena-Coral hotel, in Varadero, where the performance of workers and entities of the Tourism Construction and Assembly Company will be recognized.
Entre los invitados al acto estuvo el Héroe del Trabajo Eduardo Ramos Calero, por muchos años integrante de la brigada No. 3 de la ECOING 35 de Cuevas y Túneles. Foto: De la Autora
Among the guests at the event was the Hero of Labor Eduardo Ramos Calero, for many years a member of Brigade No. 3 of the ECOING 35 of Caves and Tunnels.
Photo: From the Author
At the proposal of Fidel Castro Ruz, 48 years ago Builder’s Day was instituted, an event that occurred on December 5, 1972, an event held in Matanzas since November 17th , the date of the beginning of a day agreed to conclude on December 8th .
The events on December 5 were attended by Mario Sabines Lorenzo, the governor, Osmar Ramírez Ramírez, secretary general of the Cuban Trade Workers Union (CTC), among other political and governmental authorities.
.Written with Noelis Santoyo