24 January, 2022

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Nobody overturns the Cuban Revolution.

At 81, Eduardo Calero Ramos has the certainty of having enough strength to defend his homeland from any aggression. “Make no mistake, Cuba is respected,” says the Hero of the Republic of Cuba without hesitation. “Nobody has overthrown this Revolution and will never be overthrown.

The First of January will reach its 62 years with more vigor than ever. Yesterday I told one of my grandchildren that the present and the future of the country are in the youth, but that to fulfill well the mission that falls to him and those of his generation, they must study and be well informed.

He remembers that “at the triumph of the Revolution he had already made nine sugar harvests as a machetero, although then, when he was 20 years old, he was still illiterate. It was later with Literacy that I took a few graditos. ” Awarded with the Honorary Title of Hero in 2014, Calero Ramos is convinced that constant reading of newspapers, watching television and listening to the news are the best weapons to combat those who try to confuse us.

“That doesn’t go with me,” he says and laughs. “That’s why I’m a tremendous listener to Radio 26. I listen to all the spaces and the ball, I don’t miss that. Look, now a woman narrates the games. Who was going to say it. I really like Dayron Medina’s comments. That little boy is really good ”. With a Granma newspaper in his hands, Calero Ramos looks for every detail of the monetary system, especially the payment to retirees. “These are necessary changes. Now we have to work hard to help the country’s economy ”.

In his opinion, an indispensable condition in the purpose of improving Cuban society is to give greater importance to the working day, not to breach the schedule, make the most of it and ensure that work is the most sacred to live. He considers that the success of the transformations proposed in the Economic and Social Strategy depends on each place being laborious and consecrated, the best mix to “succeed in any activity,” he says.

It was mainly as a member of brigade No. 3 of the ECOING 35 of Caves and Tunnels that Calero Ramos forged an extensive and exemplary career, for which he won the admiration of many people. “In the Army I learned the discipline with which I entered the world of cement and sand, the pick and shovel.” Although he has lived in Matanzas from a very young age, he was born in Minas de Jarahueca, Sancti Spíritus.

“I spent the first years of my youth there, usually cutting cane. Something that I never forget about that area is the presence of my grandfather José Ignacio, a veteran of the 1995 war. At night, surrounded by his many children and grandchildren, he used to tell us passages from the war.

He was a brave old man and when he died they made him a guard of honor for his outstanding merits ”. Belonging to the Union of Construction Workers, Calero represented Cuba in internationalist missions in Angola, Iraq and Jamaica. However, he considers, “I have fulfilled the best mission in my country. I am grateful for a land where no one is ever left unprotected. This war against covid-19 reiterates the greatness of the work that was built with the accurate guidance of our Fidel. The Revolution will continue to live, let no one doubt it ”.