9 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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New prices of agricultural products in Matanzas (+ audio).

From  January 1st , the products that are marketed in the network of state squares and markets in the province of Matanzas will have new prices as part of the ordering task that the country is experiencing.


According to Amauri Infante García, provincial director of Acopio, there are 30 agricultural products with state centralized prices (Resolution 312 of 2020) and that do not vary such as: dry corn in grain, xanthosoma taro, colocasia taro, plnatain, , potato , among others.

“Today, buying a pound of tomato from the producer costs three pesos and is sold at 4.20 national currency. Starting in January, it will be bought at 5.50 and it will be sold at 7.90 in the squares, ”Infante García exemplified. Also, the Acopio system will cease to be the balancing agent and will act as yet another actor in the process of commercialization of agricultural products in the territory.