24 January, 2022

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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The Ordering Task arrived for the benefit of all (+ audio).

The labor force in the construction sector has increased considerably since the implementation of the Economic Ordering Task in our country. With the incorporation of new workers in the trades of bricklayer, plumber and electrician, the Matanzas People’s Power Maintenance and Construction Company guarantees higher quality in the execution of its works, according to statements by Ernesto Chávez Cabrera, its director.


Unión de Reyes, Jovellanos, Colón and the provincial capital are the territories that most need human capital and at the moment they are the most strengthened, highlights Chávez Cabrera. He also pointed out that thanks to the Economic Ordering Task in the country, a considerable number of workers have joined the State Companies of the construction sector, entities that previously had their workforce depressed.