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esús Vázquez and the world of bees.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 27 febrero, 2021

With more than one hundred kilograms per hive and the fulfillment of the wax and propolis plans in the last period, Jesús Vázquez remains among the most prominent beekeepers in this municipality, results that he appreciates for the support and family effort. “Without the union of my loved ones, I would not have large productions, nor stability in raising bees.

Mother, father, brothers, nephews, all participate in the production process. “My father, for example, is the one who constantly works in the beekeeping shed, he takes care of scraping the squares and boiling the hive elements. He helped him repair the boxes, as well as working with my brother and nephew in technical assistance, changing the queen, creating new hives ”, he adds.

Passionate about the world of bees from a very young age, Vázquez recalls his first approach to such work while he was serving in Active Military Service; then he knew that he could no longer part with his secrets. After graduating from Veterinary Medicine and associated with the Victoria de Girón Credit and Services Cooperative since 2001, he has learned to apply science to achieve the best results: «Creating new hives with genetically proven queens, renovating the brood chambers and maintaining consistent growth are some of the actions we carry out as technically established,» he argues.

What cannot be missing in the performance of this work? Constancy, a requirement that Jesús Vázquez knows well and practices: “I work from early in the morning until late at night. Sometimes they draw my attention at home because I don’t get much rest. It is not only the bee, I must also be aware of the tractor that moves the production and when it presents difficulties I have to be a mechanic, an electrician, a driver … It is tiring, it requires effort and precise ideas, because otherwise it will not work.

That is why I emphasize that alone I could not achieve it.

However, during this time the beekeeper has managed to overcome obstacles, especially those imposed by nature itself: “The weather influences our work. The meteorological event causes collateral damage, it can be a primary or secondary effect and we minimize this effect by tying up the hives and pruning the trees. Different events have hurt us, but we get back up again ”, he confesses. Today, other factors also impact his work.

As a result of the ordering task, the cost tab increases considerably. “Although I am the legal representative in the cooperative, as I said before other members of the family intervene in the production process, such is the case of my father, retired, my nephew, who when studying I cannot officially employ him, my mother, my wife. “

It is necessary to analyze the value of the elements of the hive, as it is what strikes us the most. In the meantime, we continue to produce, because otherwise the bee would die and that would have a negative impact in the future. All beekeepers in this province are in the same situation ”. However, this producer is confident that those concerns will be answered; meanwhile he continues to reap fruits through a work that for him translates into self-denial, love and sacrifice.

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