24 January, 2022

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The Agroforestry of Matanzas does not come down from the top .

Despite a 2020 economically complicated by the health crisis caused by the pandemic, Agroforestry once again deserved the category of National Vanguard. Photo by the author.


 For the third consecutive year, the Matanzas Agroforestry Company (AFM) reaches the status of Vanguardia Nacional, the superior category of the Socialist Emulation deserved thanks to the excellent combination of its economic and union indicators.

Agroforestry once again showed the credentials of a successful group in a tough 2020, impacted by the health crisis of the pandemic and its harmful effect on the global economy. This group of the Union of Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco Workers overcame all this, revered with the most comprehensive company award.

As if that were not enough, the entity has been congratulated for two months in the Matanceros productive movement in Victoria, balances consistent with a sustainable organization in its path, already accustomed to being a national reference in lines such as export coal, coffee in the plain and in the creation of a livestock module.

It was the most distinguished in 2020. Photo: Yuni Moliner.

“Agroforestry workers more committed than ever to make Matanzas one of the most productive provinces in the country,” Jorge Díaz Mirabal posted on his Facebook account. Incorporated into the export of charcoal since 2013, the company places its productions on the international market through the CIMEX corporation, a task where the municipalities of Martí and Los Arabos stand out.

For Osmar Ramírez Ramírez, secretary general of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) in Matanzas, Agroforestal is an example of a socialist state enterprise, recognized with relevant incentives such as the 80th Anniversary Flag of the CTC Foundation.

The director of the Agroforestry received the status of Matanceros in Victoria, won by this company during the months of this year. Photo of the author.


The Matanzas Agroforestry Company protects various fauna and flora values ​​that constitute an important potential for the development of the well-being of society, in the same way it provides various benefits with forest productions aimed at internal distribution and export, which contributes to the impulse of the economy national.

Its work is focused on the promotion, use and protection of forest heritage, committed to actions to confront climate change, for this reason all of the activities it executes have as a premise promoting the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, in a fair and equitable way through the integration of ecological, economic and social factors.

A total of 22 groups settled in territorial properties deserved the category of National Vanguard, which perpetuates Matanzas in the second position of the most winning territories in the country, only surpassed by Havana.