8 May, 2021

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What about the disposable diapers in Matanzas?

The disposable calipers are now part of the kit of basic products that a mother needs to raise her little ones who do not yet have the ability to control  the human wastes.

Although in other times cloth diapers were used, the disposable diapers   with their pros and cons humanize the upbringing and allow to sanitize and avoid the contamination of the environment due to the waste of an organism.

Given the current demand, Cuba encouraged national production through the Vietnamese company Thai Binh Global Investment located in the Mariel Special Development Zone.

Since 2019, this Cuban article has been marketed in the stores of the CIMEX and TRD corporation. The so-called TB Kids, in their simple or premium version and with different sizes, are widely accepted for their quality, price and for saving foreign currency to the country.

This product is frequently supplied in stores in Matanzas, as stated in the information offered by the official page of this brand on Facebook.

However, as a consequence of the pandemic itself, every day it becomes an agony for Matanzas mothers to acquire this product. When they supply, without generalizing, the first in the lines are those who make a living and resell the culeros on social networks, without hiding, at triple their cost.

Housewife mothers, those who are alone with their baby, workers, become victims of this illicit economic activity typified in the Cuban Penal Code, article 228.1 as:

“Whoever, for profit, performs any of the activities of production, transformation or sale of merchandise or provision of services of those authorized by law or by regulation without possessing the corresponding license; or carry out any activity of this nature not expressly authorized by legal or regulatory provision, incur a penalty of deprivation of liberty from three months to one year or a fine of one hundred to three hundred quotas or both ”.

Although the ideal solution to this problem is to stock the stores with the products, in the current situation it would only lead to hoarding.

Given this scenario, one of the alternatives may be to sell the culeros through the identity card of those under five years of age or the pregnant card.

Another alternative can be through the supply book issued by the Consumer Registration Offices.

Sales should also be disaggregated by the Popular Councils and the administrations of the stores should be required to be transparent in marketing.

On the other hand, it is essential to increase citizen complaints and the action of the authorities with competence in the matter, because those who resell do not hide to do so and other actors can be included in the chain.