9 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Commitment and joy on the youngest day in Cuba .

Exciting visit to the home for children without family protection in the city of Matanzas. Photo: Provincial UJC.

On this historic April 4th, the commitment and joy of living in a sovereign Cuba characterize the days of celebration of the anniversaries of the of the  Young Communists League (UJC) and the José Martí Pioneers Organization (OPJM).

“The youth assume the most difficult positions and tasks in the confrontation with the covid-19 and although it is difficult it is assumed with responsibility, with the values ​​that characterize us, especially to boost the economy of the province and the country”, assured Armando García Delgado, first secretary of the UJC in the territory.

Very early on April 4th, the UJC arrived at Matanzas power plants to deliver the status of Jóvenes por la Vida, in this case from the hands of Yusuam Palacios (first from right left). Photo: Provincial UJC.

During these days of celebrations, the high stimulus has been granted to those consecrated in the production of food, the planting of sugarcane, the fight against the coronavirus, in key sectors such as Tourism and medical students, some of whom received it on the day yesterday at the monument to the martyrs Miguel Sandarán and Franklin Gómez.In Libertad Park an offering for Martí, paradigm of Cuban youth. Photo: Hugo García.

The placement on the eve of a floral offering in front of the José Martí monument in the Parque de la Libertad was a particularly heartfelt tribute to the National Hero, a paradigm that youth must bear in mind at this crucial time when it is necessary to grasp the best of his own emancipatory and decolonizing thinking, expressed Yusuam Palacios Ortega, president of the Martian Youth Movement (MJM).

When it comes to continuing to transform the Cuban reality, it will always be necessary to delve into the Master’s essences, said the prominent researcher, for whom Martí gives the practical and theoretical weapons to make revolution, and therein lies the main generational duty of Cuban youth, that it has to continue being Marti, anti-imperialist, defending the best of our culture and identity.

“Young Cubans have that generational duty to go where Martí and bring him to the present, to make a Revolution with Martí, to continue injecting oxygen and life into the Revolution,” said the president of the MJM.

As part of the program of activities for the 60th anniversary of the OPJM, the visit to the home of children without family protection in the city of Matanzas could not be missed, “to convey all the affection to those who know how to love, to those who are the hope of the the world and the conquest of the Revolution, which is the happiness of its children, ”said García Delgado.

Founded on April 4th, 1962 at the suggestion of Fidel Castro Ruz, the UJC constitutes the political organization of Cuban youth.