24 January, 2022

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The spirit of a cowgirl

Ever since María Luis Pérez opened her eyes to the world, she saw her mother working.

“She used to chapear the same that she yugated oxen, milked cows by hand, cut sugarcane, she was also a cowgirl and very good; that’s why I followed her example ”, she confesses.

In this eagerness to imitate her warrior spirit, even at 61 years of age, there is no one who takes away the energy and determination of being a cowgirl from María Luis. “I have lived with my husband in dairy farms for almost 26 years. First in Majagua, where we fulfilled 520-liter plans and received recognition for our work.

There we were given the house by the Union, but we came to this dairy after the boy who moved us. And here we are… looking good ”.

With a plan of 72 liters per day, María Luis also receives in these parts the congratulations of the Federation of Cuban Women and the authorities of the territory. However, she always wants bigger productions, although setbacks are not lacking.

“Sometimes the current goes out, there is no water or there is no oil. The same forage is difficult for us and thousands of problems but we look forward to it. It is not like before that there were other conditions and more milk was produced. We get up very early, we work all day non-stop to fulfill our plans. The truth is that we do not have rest, but if it is not like that we do not get it, ”she says.

This woman supports her companion Juan Roberto Ramírez without hesitation in each task of dairy farm No. 171 of the Pedro Betancourt municipality. She knows that the work in the field is hard, but she does not imagine a different life.

Her granddaughter accompanies her from one side of the dairy to the other, while the producer tells us about her work. For the little girl it is hardly a game to slip between the feet of the grandmother, when she perceives the intimidating look of a cow; for María Luis it’s about life.

“All my life I have liked working. I enjoy working. In Manuelito on the balcony, as I say, I can’t be ”, she confesses with a smile as she carries the food to the drinking fountains. I see her as she forcefully lifts the heavy container of food and I sense that she actually bears a close resemblance to her mother.