24 January, 2022

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Ruandi rocks in the House of Scenic Memory .

Sculptural piece number 17 arouses the interest of those who visit the Museum of Wooden Sculptures of Cuban Dramaturgy, the only one of its kind in the country, set up in the House of Scenic Memory in Matanzas.

It is about Ruandi, a child of African descent, who with a flower in his hand rocks in a hammock, the base of which is a yoke: a symbol of the shameful slavery that Spanish colonialism installed in Cuba.

From the history of sculpture, the plastic artist Adán Rodríguez Falcón, who is the author of the collection, tells us: “I was based on a work by Gerardo Fulleda León, the story of a black slave and his friendship with the daughter of the owner of the mill.

It happens that he decides to escape because they were going to transfer him to another place and the little girl helps him escape. He will never have it before her again, but they are left with the feeling of that naive illusion from her childhood.

“The material used is wood and rope. The anvil represents what the boy was, an oxman. An instrument that ties, tightens, dominates the animal or the person, excellent to symbolize slavery.

“The idea of the hammock comes from my wife, she suggested to me that she hang it in the air; I liked it since it would not be embedded in the wall, it would be more movable, which gave it two meanings: one, the children’s game of the hammock and the other flight, the desire to escape into the clouds, to flee from their slave condition .

“The piece has other attributes such as the sting and the rod. The figure of the child is made of a wood called futete, very hard, that broke a carving in its elaboration and the yoke, with and nursery. “ Adán Rodríguez Falcón has been the main set designer for the theater group El Mirón Cubano and is one of the greatest exponents of this art in the country.

The Museum of Wooden Sculptures of Cuban Dramaturgy is registered in the Register of Cultural Assets of the Republic of Cuba.

Regarding this requirement, Maritza Cuba, director of the Registry in Matanzas, pointed out:

“The wooden sculptures by the artist Adán Rodríguez Falcón are part of a project developed by the institution and constitute a relic for dramaturgy and culture. The file of institutional collecting of the works registered by the Register of Cultural Assets was signed by the director of the House of Scenic Memory, Ulises Rodríguez Febles. “

Among the most popular pieces in the collection of this art museum are those inspired by works referring to personalities such as Virgilio Piñera, Albio Paz, Abelardo Estorino, Dora Alonso, José Milián, René Fernández, as well as Jesús del Castillo, Gilberto Subiaurt, José Ramón Brene, Carlos Celdrán and Gerardo Fulleda.