9 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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The best smiles have no barriers .

Maureen Milagros Valdés Pérez feels the same fear as the first time. The young law student has entered the so-called red zone of the University of Matanzas thousands of times. She has voluntarily chosen, as her companions, to be there where they are most useful.

Given the increase in positive cases to Covid-19, the president of the University Student Federation also returned with the youthful impetus that she infects.

But I can hardly recognize Maureen. She wears on her body the necessary suits to fight the terrible virus. Only after her mask do you notice her beautiful eyes.

“The best smiles have no barriers,” she wrote on the social network Facebook.

Seeing the photos of her, her mother Miriela Pérez jumped with joy and pride. Behind the delicacy of her daughter hides a fearless warrior.

“Whoever looks at her may or may not identify her, I, who am her mother, totally. Her expressive gaze that conveys a lot from her, her way of standing firm. Hidden behind all that clothing I see her and feel her at ease, fulfilled, with the desire to totally liquidate this cursed creature that has taken so many lives, giving encouragement to those she cares for daily and above all fulfilling once again the task that it has been entrusted to him. Ay Maureen! we are proud of you, take good care of yourself, soon we will be together ».

And it is that the hope of that reunion keeps up the young woman who behind the walls of the university sees the patients and remembers when her mother was one of them.

“Oh mom! When you were one of the patients, life taught me that everything I do is little, Cuba needs it, the world needs it and what we do here goes beyond any conviction, you taught me that you have to always help everyone and I just try that. Always, from start to finish, everything I do is for you ”.