8 May, 2021

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Iturbides: a consecrated militant (+ audio) .

A member of the youth patrols, a literacy worker with just 13 years of age in Arroyón de Guamá, Guisa, Oriente and a Party member since 1975, René Iturbides Sardiñas was one of those young people willing to support the triumphant Revolution in each process. At 74, he maintains his conviction from then on.

“My father was a combatant from Girón, my brother was also, my mother was a federated woman dedicated entirely to the Revolution. All six children had this teaching and that is why we acted accordingly ”, he confesses.


“I don’t have time to respond to any task, I have never felt tired or frustrated, on the contrary. I always try to take the step before whatever situation is to defend this beautiful and beautiful work that the men of ’68 and ’95 left us, “he adds.

Secretary of the José Díaz Credit and Services Cooperative, in the Pedro Betancourt municipality, Iturbides holds three decorations from the Council of State, has been  Vanguardia Nacional twice and Provincial Vanguard five times. And it is that this producer knows how to assume the tasks with responsibility.

“Our nucleus is made up of 24 Party members. I have been in the management for three terms and my colleagues do not want me to retire. I believe that we have a serious and deep work, with good results. I have the decorations of the ANAP Romárico Cordero and the Antero Regalado ”.


Referring to his expectations for the eighth Party Congress, the interviewee expresses the importance of this meeting in which a whole process of revolutionary definition will take place. But he confesses his full confidence in the new generations.

“Above all that the empire wants to do to destroy the Revolution, we are sure that our youth will not give in one iota. We are going to show that even being a poor and small country, we have tradition, strength, dedication to solve our own problems with sacrifice, at whatever cost is necessary ”.