8 May, 2021

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Matanzas calls for a healthy and productive May Day .

Osmar Ramírez leyó la convocatoria que invita protagonizar un Primero de Mayo para hacer avanzar la economía. Foto: De la Autora.Osmar Ramírez read the call that invites to star in a May Day to advance the economy. Photo: From the Author.


Matanzas is in a position to star in an efficient, productive and healthy May Day, as the best way to celebrate World Proletariat Day, said Osmar Ramírez Ramírez, secretary general of the  Cuba Trade Workers Union in this province.

For this, he specified, it is necessary to preserve work environments free of COVID-19, the only way to keep the production of goods and services vital, he reasoned, referring to the difficult epidemiological situation  that is facing the territory.

La jornada de este jueves comenzó con un trabajo productivo. Foto: De la AutoraThe day this Thursday began with a productive job. Photo: From the Author.

His words took place minutes after he read the CTC Call for May Day, an act that took place this Thursday in the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Ceiba Mocha.

He affirmed that labor groups and communities are called to display their creativity and generate initiatives, always from the joy, responsibility and commitment of the trade union movement in this decisive battle to efficiently advance the economy, with priority on increasing the food production.

As stated in the letters of the Call, on this occasion the commemoration will be held virtually, presided over by the motto United: We do Cuba, a slogan that must be translated into practical action to get out of this difficult epidemiological moment that the province is facing due to the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, considered Ramírez Ramírez.

He stated that the act carried out at the UBPC Ceiba Mocha constitutes a stimulus to the performance of men and women from a productive base, an example of perseverance and sustainability in the fulfillment of their sales plans, an indicator that has been overcompleted to date.

La CTC premió a la UBPC con el trofeo de Colectivo en Victoria. Foto: De la AutoraThe CTC awarded the UBPC the Victoria Collective trophy. Photo: From the Author.

Precisely this UBPC received the trophy that accredits it as a Collective in Victoria, a stimulus granted by the CTC, an organization that also honored the young Miche Álvarez Infante with the status of Young Worker in Revolution.

Michel Álvarez Infante recibe la condición de Joven Trabajador en Revolución. Foto: De la AutoraMichel Álvarez Infante receives the status of Young Worker in Revolution. Photo: From the Author.

On this day, union leaders and UBPC members met in areas of this productive base to carry out voluntary work in the cleaning of the cassava planting, one of the typical viands of a UBPC that in the last two years seems to have found the way of the good balances.