17 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Cultural institutions contribute to the fight against the pandemic .


Cultural institutions in Matanzas work as a hospital and isolation center, in response to the needs of the territory to contain the spread of the pandemic, with the joint collaboration of Health personnel and the cloisters of schools chosen for their accommodation conditions.

These are the Alfonso Pérez Isaac Vocational of Art, in the Reynold García Popular Council and the Art Professional, in the east center of the city of Matanzas.

The first compound assumed the role of a field hospital, attending positive cases, with a capacity of 56 beds and the Professional School was recently enabled to dedicate itself to the care of suspects. It has an 18-bed residence.

In an interview for this station, the specialist Lídice Silva, from the Provincial Directorate of Culture, specified:

“As a school, between teachers and service workers, we are in a support team for these centers, in the preparation of food, cleaning the dining room, the kitchen, with all hygiene; responsible for receiving the supplies designated by the Health Directorate and for issuing a daily report on the epidemiological situation to the Defense Councils of the municipality and the province.

“Also, declare if there is any incident; help to collect the positives in their cases; there is a taxi at our disposal for any urgent task. We have a staff that goes to the warehouse to look for pressure gauges, oxygen nozzles, glove boxes.

… ” The center located in the Pérez Isaac school is headed by the director Judelki Perdomo García, who is accompanied by a highly qualified medical staff, due to its connotation as a field hospital, and the Río Street Professional is led by the director María Luisa Vigoa Capote, together with doctors and nurses, attending to those suspected of contagion.

In relation to the attitude of the cloister and the conditions of the two centers, Lídice Silva points out:

“We have achieved stability at work, with an admirable sense of responsibility and discipline. Even in the first stage the eight sheltered teachers were in the Red Zone, it was the first team that entered and we must highlight the attitude of our pedagogues. “

Artists and teachers from the art schools in Matanzas, enabled as hospital and isolation centers, guarantee the correct application of the protocols in the care of positive and suspicious patients for Covid-19, in an act of consecration and humanism.