17 May, 2021

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Daniela Fonseca turns on, again, hopes heading to Tokyo .

With the firm intention of attending her first Olympic Games, Daniela Fonseca from Matanzas faced the duels this Thursday at the Metropolitan Hall of the Argentine city of Rosario, home of the Latin American Table Tennis Qualifier.

Fonseca fought for access to the remaining ticket towards the appointment under the five rings with the Venezuelan Neridee Nino, before whom she came back an attractive match, in which she had to take her claw and win three consecutive sets that allow her to continue in the dispute .

The 18-year-old young woman from Matanzas city turned on the installation the previous day by defeating the Chilean Daniela Ortega in the second round, seeded above her at number three in the women’s team, in a duel that also lasted seven sets.

In the next instance, the Cuban defeated the Aztec Mónica Muñoz and then faced the Puerto Rican Melani Díaz, the best ranked of the appointment, with whom she starred in one of the most exciting duels.

Although she punished with service and fastballs, about to finish off the Puerto Rican, Daniela gave up in the next three sets; her inexperience and little competitive friction from her for almost two years cost him his first chance to get the spot.

The Matanzas, however, still have a chance to reach the Japanese capital after being victorious against the Venezuelan, whom she highlighted as a player with a lot of experience.

“It was a very tough game, a lot of wear and tear, but I learned from the previous defeat to know how to wait, take time and control my anxiety, that’s how the results came out. Now I will face Esmerlyn Castro, a Dominican with whom I have met on a couple of occasions, I have beaten her, but I cannot trust myself, “Fonseca declared exclusively.

For the young table tennis figure in Cuba, the qualifying event has served to appreciate her growth in recent years, she feels more confident and prepared so much, perhaps, as to make her debut in the Olympic Games.