17 May, 2021

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Rigoberto Rosique was also a musketeer in Playa Girón .

Before becoming the man with the golden hit against the United States in the World Cup held in the Dominican Republic, in 1969, and being recognized as one of the Three Musketeers of the Henequeneros national champion, a year later, Rigoberto Rosique Gia distinguished him from Matanzas Fervent merit of having fought in the sands of Playa Girón.

Days before the actions that would take place in the southern Matanzas territory of  Zapata Swamp, at just 16 years old, Rosique joined the 203rd Infantry Battalion, of the glorious National Revolutionary Militias.

On the occasion of the 51st Anniversary of the Victory of Girón, in 2012, to which, in addition to combatants from that epic, sports glories and members of active national teams were invited, we coincide with the outstanding player from Matanzas and asked for their impressions on to be back in that historic place.

“It has been an unforgettable experience. Although my battalion had the mission of capturing the mercenaries scattered throughout the territory after the landing, the din of the fighting of the advance troops that managed to reduce the mercenaries comes to mind. I remember, he emotionally pointed out, to fallen comrades and other wounded, the captured weapons and the correct direction of Fidel. I assure you, he concluded, that those Girón days made me more Cuban and revolutionary ”.

This young man, born in the Matanzas neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo on March 10, 1944, also participated in the Escambray cleanup and carried out an internationalist mission in Angola.

As a player, he is recognized among the best center fielders in the country in thirteen seasons, in which he averaged 302, with two batting titles. He represented Cuba in five World Championships, one Pan American Games and one Central American and Caribbean.

His name appears among the first inductees in 2016 to the Palmar de Junco Hall of Fame, along with Silvio García and Gaspar “Curro” Pérez.