17 May, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

About to celebrate Manolo García In Memorian 2021 .

The jury of the Base Festival of the radio station Radio 26 announced the opinion of the winning works and programs with a view to their participation in the provincial Manolo García In Memorian contest, in which the winners will also compete in the festivals at the territorial and regional level . The work sessions will begin tomorrow the 19th.

The jury was chaired by the deputy director of Programming and Information, Berislayne Argüelles Ibaceta and made up of the actor Williams Quintana Torres; Mercy Advisor Anilia Garcés Prada; the announcer Carlos Benítez Hernández; the web editor Maritza Tejera García; the journalist Norys Castañeda Valera and the sound producer Wilfredo Gobea Gil.

The jury met from April 6th to 15th in progress and evaluated a total of 125 works, divided into the categories Programming and Informative, with various genres on the radio and web platforms, in addition to those proposed by individuals and the three calls with special themes : Imprint of Fidel on the 60th Anniversary of the Victory of Girón. Facing the Covid-19 and Ordering Task, in a period that ranges from September 2019 to March 31st of this year.

                                                The Awards went to:
                                                                Radio programs:
Informative: Para tener En Cuenta.
Musical: Fantasy Carousel.
Dramatized: Good morning, Pelusín. Theme: Grandparents.
Varied: Young Dial.
Fidel’s imprint special award on the 60th Anniversary of the Victory of Girón.
Program: Vestiges.
                                                     Radio news:
Comment: Disaster, a luxury premiere, by María Elena Bayón Mayor.
Reports: The girl saved, by Aida Sotolongo González.
Matanceros in the Moncada yesterday and today, by Dayron Medina Díaz. (Special Prize Impronta de Fidel on the 60th Anniversary of the Victory of Girón).
Positive Covid patients from the Venezuelan ship in the port of Matanzas. scored by Pedro Rizo Martínez when we have the information. (Special Prize Facing Covid-19).
Testimony: Dominga, how can I help Cuba ?, by Yaudel Rodríguez Vento.
Chronicle: A birthday without a mother, by Yaudel Rodríguez Vento.
Radio documentary: San Miguel, the Lost Paradise, by Boris Luis Alonso Pérez, Norma Aguilera Coello and Sahirys Morales Leal.
Interviews: Martí and the Pioneers, by Dayron Medina Díaz.
Hours that shake in the red zone, doctor of the Military Hospital, of Dayron Medina Díaz. (Special prize for fighting Covid-19)
Information: Links the radio to Cuba and Guyana by the Covid, by Jessica Rufín Hernández.
                                             Awards for Individualities:
Varied, Musical and Dramatic Programming:
Director Award: Williams Quintana Torres
Screenplay Award: María Laura Germán Aguiar Recording and Editing Award: Nolberto Cedeño Fernández Advisory Award: Mercy Anilia Garcés Prada.
Informative: Award for Journalistic Production: Boris Luis Alonso Pérez, Norma Daynet Aguilera Coello and Sahirys Morales Leal.
Editing Award: Wilfredo Gobea Gil.
                                                      WEB Awards.
Of the works in competition in Hypermedia Journalism published on the Radio 26 website, the following were awarded:
Comment: Matanzas deserves a better Coppelia, by Juanita Perdomo Larezada.
Chronicle: You are and will always be a journalist, by Jeidi Suárez García.
Interview: She won’t even remember the girl, by Ana González Goicochea.
Testimony: 44 years after the crime in Barbados: new anecdotes of the fallen fencer, by Julio Haedo Maden.
For the set of works on the subject published during 2020, by Jessica Rufín:
New responsible normality, with surnames.
Infected, recovered and into the war incorporated.
Surgeon and Captain of the FAR: double commitment.
Intensive care at Mario Muñoz, from Matanzas, in an offensive position.
Matanzas gynecologist wins more than one daughter in the fight against covid-19.
Medical discharge on my birthday: the gift of Cuban Medicine.
72-year-old Frenchman defeated Covid-19 in Cuba against all odds.
Young Matanzas pulmonologist: to Lombardy we bring the sun from Cuba.
First medical discharge of COVID-19 in Matanzas: the good news .
Vanessa, the eight-year-old Cuban girl, faces Covid-19 with a smile .
                                                Special Award Task Ordering.
For the set of complex treatment works, by Juana Perdomo Larezada.
Six stores in MLC will operate in Matanzas.
New sales in MLC: for sample, a store.
Task Ordering: what worries Matanzas workers?.
Café Libertad: ice cream or cold hard?.
The economic strategy that Matanzas needs.
Much is expected of Matanzas in economic matters.
The green gold of the economy.