17 May, 2021

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Reinforce actions to confront Covid-19 in Pedro Betancourt .

With a complex epidemiological situation and 46 active cases at the end of this Tuesday, actions in the defense zones of Pedro Betancourt  municipality are reinforced to prevent the spread of the pandemic. At the head of the Bolondrón area, the second most committed in the municipality, Elvis Mederos Fiallo, a member of the Party Bureau, explained in a recent meeting with the working group:

“We have to fight daily so that as few people as possible stay on the street. All establishments are closed at 12:00 noon and possible services are brought closer to the community ”.

Mederos Fiallo highlighted the hard work of the Health personnel and the need for the working group to support the clinics to guarantee compliance and quality of the investigations. The effective control of outbreaks, monitoring of each clinical discharge, updating the positive targeting maps, disinfection of homes where cases are reported, and strict compliance with the modified quarantine, are other priority issues in the territory in the midst of the current healthcare context.

Today we are also working together with the José Díaz Credit and Services Cooperative in the preparation of modules for the agromercado to bring sales closer to homes. Likewise, the bread will be sold in different gastronomy units to avoid crowds. The member of the Bureau emphasized the need to increase the perception of risk in the population, whose support is essential to prevent the spread of the virus.