24 January, 2022

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Problems in hiring and defaults: it is necessary to eradicate in agriculture .

I do not want to be skeptical of the new measures that will be applied in the agricultural sector. Also, I have spent years criticizing people who attack projects before they go live, without letting them be worked on. In the many years that I was attending, as a journalist, this line, I saw many ideas and projects before their putting into practice.
I hope this is not the case: However, it is not idle to point out that among the many problems that the agricultural sector has had and still has, between materials and non-materials, there are defaults and inefficient hiring. Elements that aggravate the good development of the sector and they discourage the peasants.
“The problems in contracting and accounts receivable and payable They hit the agricultural sector hard and demand that action be taken immediately to stop the chain of defaults and promote the development of the national economy ”.
This previous paragraph was taken from the Granma newspaper of December 13th, 2011, its title: Breaking the chain of defaults: an “account” to be settled. In that distant 2011, that is, a decade ago, in the same Granma said: “Disrespect for contractual relationships in the agricultural sector It is not a new phenomenon in Cuba, and that is precisely the most worrying thing ”.
At that time it was said: “… it is not a new phenomenon”, which indicates which is long before that date. We can have many ideas, projects and wishes to start the agricultural machinery so that produce, but if we do not enforce what has so far been unfulfilled, these new measures will go the same way as their similar above.
Back then (2011) The late Orlando Lugo Fonte, President of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), stated: “… strict discipline must be maintained in the compliance with contracts to avoid worse consequences ”.
In the interview, they asked Lugo the following question: What was are you doing to reverse this situation? What is the position of the ANAP regarding those who violate the contracts?
“We are currently working – in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) – in the approval and implementation of a strategy to eradicate deficiencies in compliance with the contractual relationships. It’s about the Policies and Procedures for the contracting of agricultural and forestry production, which They will come into force from 2012.
«In addition, a modification was made to Resolution 353, of the Ministry of Finance and Prices, which stipulates the prices of the products to hire. Our position is that you must be ruthless and punish those who do not abide by what is established, on both sides. Therefore, we must increase compliance and enforcement, “he said.
If we continue year by year, since that 2011, the indiscipline in the contracts and defaults we will see that they are a carbon paper copy, it is more, in this 2021 both irregularities remain in force. However, I have the conviction, I hope I am not disappointed, that the measures to be applied immediately respond to the objectives paths and, above all, that it has an impact on bringing more food to the table of the Cubans.
                                                      TO CORROBOR WHAT IS SAID.
I only took three fragments of publications of national scope where at different times from 2011 to date they address the issue under debate, I leave it with your email address so that it can be verified.
“If the state does not trust, why does the peasant have to? Perhaps this question does not make sense to the common citizen who does not works the land or for the boss who does not understand experiences and groove men’s needs, but it does reflect the reality of a few guajiros who have not received payment for almost three months some for their crops. (Cubadebate, March 23, 2018) ……
On November 28th, 2018, from La Comuna, Pinar del Río municipality of San Juan and Martínez, Dayán Meléndez Acosta denounced here that the cooperative of credits and services (CCS) Conrado Benítez, of which He is a partner, he had not paid his members the money from the sale of their harvests of more than five months ago. (Rebel Youth, 24th of January 2019).
Vice Prime Minister Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca reiterated the criticism for said defaults on March 27th, during a meeting of the country’s leadership with the governors and the mayor of the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, carried out by videoconference, where compliance with the instructions was evaluated issued at the territorial meetings held in January. In that At the moment, debts were reported in 55 municipalities and with almost a thousand producers and more than 236 production bases.
Nobody understands that their money is not paid to those who work the land, and much less than the cadres of a municipal agricultural company collect their monthly salary while the producer is not paid nothing, the leader declared then. (Cubadebate, April 2nd, 2021).