24 January, 2022

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Second anniversary of Intermittent Rivers .

The Ríos Intermitentes edition celebrated its second anniversary and that extraordinary event is evoked with nostalgia that brought together 80 visual artists from 15 countries in Matanzas, who joined their art with more than 20 Matanzas creators to flood the beautiful Yucayo with color and good taste.

The communicator of the Provincial Council of Visual Arts, Amor Díaz-Campos, recalled those moments, “under the direction of Dr. María Magdalena Campos-Pons and with the coordination of artisan Luis Octavio Hernández, who demanded the support of a magnificent team and of cultural and governmental institutions.

“This allowed during the months of April and May 2019 to carry out a social design exercise in the city, where the transforming and healing power of art was demonstrated, once again, as a motor of change, development and promoter of gestures of love and unity. ”

Specialized critics highlighted Ríos Intermitentes as the reaffirmation of the intense artistic movement that motivated the declaration of this event among the 15 best art exhibitions of 2019 worldwide.

As of that date, an artistic commitment was created, involving the Office of the City Curator, the Pedro Esquerré Gallery, Vigía Square, plus  Medio and Narváez streets.

“The metaphor of intermittent rivers or ghost rivers, as it is also known, the phenomenon that gave our event its name, said the specialist, was used to awaken attention to the historical memory of Matanzas, to resume the dialogue on forgotten traditions, find common ground through art that will connect or collect Matanzas, guest artists and visitors, with the invaluable heritage of our city. “

We hope that the legacy of the Biennial and its spectacular Intermittent Rivers event, transcends the barriers of the pandemic and can, in a not too distant date, unite the peoples and artists of the world to demonstrate the value of the visual art that unfolds in the Athens of Cuba.