13 June, 2021

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Nurse from the Heart(+ audio) .

Dayneris spends her days helping others. At a very young age, she discovered that this was her vocation and a Bachelor of Nursing the safe way to be close to people and heal her wounds.

A native of the Bolondrón Popular Council and currently supervisor of the Basic Work Group of the Félix Rivero Vasallo polyclinic, Dayneris Guzmán Rodríguez recalls her beginnings in this profession:

“I graduated in 1996 and my first years were in the Maternity Home of the province in the Neonatology service; an unforgettable experience where I worked with great colleagues and at the same time very difficult for me, because I had never faced direct work with the patient. I always worked in intensive care ”.

“Later I went to the town because I had my daughter and I joined a family clinic in the Manuelito community, where I also have fond memories and unforgettable patients,” she adds.

Likewise, she recalls the years of support in the consultation of care for the elderly that allowed her to carry out her master’s degree in satisfactory longevity; But none of these experiences has been as difficult as the daily fight against the pandemic:


“It has been hard work with the population and the other colleagues, from sunrise to sunset without practically resting. I have never had the opportunity to leave the country since I am the only child, but I feel that I have fulfilled the task within our island ”.

As a teacher, she has also done hard work in front of the students. “I have explained to them that they will be our relay in a few years, the relay of white coats,” she highlights.

Proud because her daughter will also become a health professional, Dayneris celebrates International Nursing Day on May 12th. Now she is going to another home to offer her help and where she heals superficial or deep injuries, she also gives her affection and professional skill, a magical ointment for the hearts.

“I do it with love. I am the supervisor, but every time someone calls me I am there. For me the family and my profession is the greatest thing I have ”.