13 June, 2021

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Palacio de Junco Museum calls to the Raúl Ruiz historical and cultural research contest .

The Provincial Center for Cultural Heritage and the Palacio de Junco museum convene the sixth edition of the Raúl Ruiz Rodríguez contest, with the purpose of stimulating the development of research on history and culture in our province.

To this end, the communicator, Yaisel Feria Frías, informs us about the characteristics of this event:

“Researchers living in the country will be able to participate and the works will be based on the history and culture of Matanzas: its regions, municipalities, localities, institutions, events, prominent personalities in social activities.

“The genres are: monograph, 40 pages; essay, 30; biography, 40; Bibliographic or documentary compilation, 30 and testimony, 40. The works must be unpublished and cannot have received any award. They will be presented in a two-space printed original, in Arial font 12, two spaces, letter paper, foliated paper and a digital copy before August 16th, 2021.

“The delivery will be at the Palacio de Junco museum. The jury will be made up of three specialists and the decision will be final. A single prize will be awarded. And the award ceremony will be on September 6 of this year, during the tribute day for the museum’s anniversary. “

When referring to the connotation of the figure of Raúl Rubén Ruiz Rodríguez, whose name bears the prestigious Matanzas competition, the Doctor in Historical Sciences, Arnaldo Jiménez de la Cal, in his article El Maestro de la Historia, indicated that the remembered pedagogue “was born in the town of Buena Vista, in the province of Las Villas, on August 23rd, 1941 and died in Matanzas, on September 28th, 2004, when he was 63 years old, the vast majority dedicated to the city that welcomed him as Son,  adopted in 2002.

“Initially he dedicated himself to the beautiful task of teaching when he graduated from Teacher Normalista in 1959 and in 1977 he received the title of Professor of History of Higher Level at the Juan Marinello Pedagogical Institute.

He was a rural teacher, of basic secondary, of the Teacher Training School, of pre-university education, regional methodologist and in university teaching. “Among other activities, he had been a literacy worker, member of the CP-PRC Provincial Commission of History Activists and founded the Union of Cuban Historians in 1982, holding the presidency of the first UNHIC branch in Cuba and named its honorary president.

“Different organizations learned of his activity as a member of them: UPEC, UNEAC, José Martí Cultural Society and others. He founded the Scientific Council of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and the Advisory Council of the Section of Historians of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba. “

Jiménez de la Cal specified in his article published on the Girón publisher’s website: “From 1981 he was head of Research at the Palacio de Junco museum and was appointed City Historian in 1992. He created, on April 29th, 1995 , the institution’s premises.

“His writings about him were printed in Matanzas and national publications (…) and there are more than 20 books from the main publishing houses in Cuba (…), among his stories from Matanzas, the fact that they are still in full force today stands out.”