18 September, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Sugar sector is restructured in the province of Matanzas .

The sugar sector in the province is undergoing a restructuring process that will give greater autonomy to the industries in the municipality, as explained by Anet Peña Delgado, director of human capital at  Matanzas Sugar Company.

The objective of the restructuring process is related to the strengthening of the productive bases.

“The office of the provincial company will cease to exist; and in its place a management will be created made up of nine colleagues and subordinate to Azcuba Sugar Corporation. Likewise, four companies will emerge where the sugar cane mil  will be located, which in this case will be the  Sugar-Agroindustrial René Fraga, Jesús Rabí, Mario Muñoz and México companies. ”

According to Peña Delgado, the new management at the provincial level will be in charge of coordinating, supervising and ensuring compliance with the productive and economic indicators of the agro-industrial companies.

With this premise, informative assemblies were developed to explain to the workers the importance of the restructuring process in a vital sector for the entry of foreign currency to the country.

However, as part of these transformations, a process of availability of the workforce is generated with a greater impact in the central office of the current Matanzas Sugar Company.

“All the workers involved are expected to relocate. From an exchange with other organizations, a solution was sought, but the principle is that this workforce is placed in the new companies in order to strengthen the sector, ”said Anet Peña Delgado, director of human capital at the Matanzas Sugar Company.