1 August, 2021

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The active investigation: fundamental in the battle against Covid-19 .

The daily investigation in the communities constitutes one of the main actions carried out by Cuba in the face of Covid-19. Searching thoroughly who may be infected or at risk is essential for the prevention and control of this disease

Jaguey  Grande is going through a complex epidemiological situation, so maintaining and raising the quality of active investigations is one of the essential tasks to win the battle against the pandemic.

This was assured to this press by Damaris Alonso Delgado, a defectologist in the rehabilitation room of this town, who has been working as a researcher since the beginning of the virus.

Alonso Delgado alleges that within the daily investigation special attention is given to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, suspects and contacts of confirmed cases who are in home isolation.

In the same way, the researcher made a call to all inhabitants of this municipality not to trust and to take extreme health measures to stop the spread of the disease.

The investigations are carried out not only in the family nucleus, but also in the workplace and schools.

The health authorities have reiterated the importance of active research, the only one in this context in the world to stop the advance of the epidemic and highlight the responsible support of the population, which they call not to hide the respiratory symptoms and in case of having Anyone, no matter how minimal, go immediately to the health services.

* Radio Victoria de Girón.