1 August, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Environmentalist works are made in the «Lolo» gallery-workshop .

The sculptures that are modeled and forged in Osmany Betancourt Falcón’s gallery-workshop-school are famous in Matanzas. They are widely accepted for their high aesthetic value and have been cataloged and awarded at important events. Many of them are exhibited on Calle Narváez and constitute one of the attractions of the beautiful Paseo del San Juan, in the Athens of Cuba.

In order to know the progress of the latest projects, we interviewed for this station that outstanding artist from Matanzas, whom everyone calls “Lolo” in the cultural universe:

“We are carrying out an environmental project for a space that will open in Varadero. It is a group of large sculptures, around five to six meters, with different materials, such as polyester resin and metal.

“So far we have five sculptures in process and a finished one that is entitled El Pescador, which we recently put on social networks for this figure to be displayed, in which we have been around for a year.”

About the plastic artists who work alongside him he said: “The workshop also continues to operate in the ceramic branch, with Manuel and Eduardo Manuel Hernández, who maintain their creative work in the line that they develop with great success.”

About the busts that are appreciated in the workshop, he reported:
“I have worked on some pieces that I finished in metal, from the Ofrenda series, which are busts with different motifs, which are part of an installation exhibited in past biennials, in the Romerillo studio, by the artist Alexis Leyva Machado,« Kacho », with whom we cooperated at that time with objects in clay that I have now brought to bronze. “
The work of “Lolo” stands out for its avant-garde style within the social theme and the usual treatment of what is named as everyday. Likewise, some critics have classified it as symbolic and enigmatic.