1 August, 2021

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Alfonsito LLoréns will record an album dedicated to troubadour songwriting


f someone has been an example when it comes to offering his art through social networks, in this long time of pandemic, it is the excellent singer and songwriter Alfonsito Lloréns.
His interpretations encompass dissimilar rhythms and with the privilege of his portentous voice he floods the virtual stages, waiting to be able to join the cultural universe of the Athens of Cuba live.
With his group, La Dinámica, he made numerous tours throughout the country and abroad and his talent is recognized in international venues. Alfonsito does not rest, that’s why we interviewed him for Radio 26 to learn the latest about his musical work:
“At the moment I am selecting the songs for a new solo album. A careful work, with the certainty that it will be a CD for history, because it includes authors such as Silvio, Pablo and Noel Nicola. It is a gift to the Cuban troubadour song.
“I am also working on the preparation of the UNEAC 60th anniversary gala, on August 19. It may be done live or digital.
“I am still immersed in online concerts, linked to other artists and groups such as the Faílde orchestra and as an artist I keep increasing culture from all angles.”
Alfonsito Lloréns is one of the most versatile singers that Cuba has, as he stands out in genres such as bolero, song, sones, fusion and even rumba.
With his art and excellent interpretation, he experiments on the networks to continue connected with his followers who love our dance music. Of the latest that has been disclosed, a salsa-fusion version entitled Tú de que vas stands out on the YouTube channel.
As an active member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba since 1993, he reiterates his commitment to Cuban culture and to the society in which we live. In this regard he indicates:
“Not for pleasure we are the shield and sword of the nation. UNEAC is the prestige of Cuban culture, it is the reflection of our identity. I think that those of us who have been leading the organization for a long time assume a responsibility, not only with the artists, but with the country and its culture. “