1 August, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Matanzas artist in virtual exhibition of Latin American photography.

Representative works of   Julio César García, creator of the province of Matanzas, will be included in + Q Instantes, a virtual exhibition of Latin American photography coordinated by ArteLatAm, an artistic organization that operates in the American city of New York.

«The works that I present are part of a series that I began at the beginning of 2020, in February, in the city of Santiago de Cuba, it is titled Por el piso (On the floor) and it is the first time that I approach street photography, and I do it from a position level with the ground ”, explained García.

“I think that Por el piso suggests more than a different angle of approaching reality, it is also a reflection at times of moods, situations that we may experience, or changes in society,” added the creator about the series in progress.

«Participating in this exhibition is important, right now one depends on social networks to promote, disseminate and commercialize the work, and I think it is a very interesting opportunity because I will share with artists from different parts of the continent, with whom I will dialogue because I have planned interviews and forum-debates in the course of the exhibition ”, he asserted.

Graduated as an art instructor, Julio César García was included among the photographers participating in the Thirteenth  Havana Biennial in Matanzas. Among his best-known series, The Kingdom of this World stands out and includes personal exhibitions that are welcomed by the public as Quarantine Object, last October at the Pedro Esquerré Gallery, in Matanzas.

The + Q Instantes exhibition, scheduled from June 9th to August 8th in the virtual gallery of ArteLatAm, will show works by a dozen Latin American photographers as a result of the curatorship carried out by Ana María Trujillo and Carlos Torres Machado.

At https://artelatam.org it is argued that ArteLatAm since its inception (2016) has developed a network of artists who stay connected to create links and projects. Each exhibition is accompanied by talks with presentations by expert curators on the exposed subject and interviews with the participants live from their studios on Instagram and Facebook Live.

In every exhibition a digital catalog is made in order to make the artists even more visible and generate possible sales. During the two months that the exhibition lasts, promotional campaigns of the authors are carried out.