26 October, 2021

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Heavy rains cause partial collapse in Bolondrón .

It was barely a quarter past seven in the morning when the collapse occurred. The collapse of one of the columns of the building located in the historic center of Bolondrón Popular Council caused the portal to collapse.

After long hours of intense rains caused by Tropical Storm Elsa, the noise that caused the initial landslide alerted residents who were able to safeguard their lives shortly before the incident. “Everything was in a matter of seconds.

I opened the door to see what was happening and soon I closed it all fell. There the neighbors came and helped us out. Luckily nothing happened to us, ”says Yoandra Parra Molina, one of those affected with a small girl and her mother who had a heart operation.

Juan Felipe de la Torre was the one who first anticipated the danger and immediately alerted the other two neighboring families to move away from the portal. After helping the rest to climb over the rubble, he called the police and the fire department. 

At this time, steps are being taken to transfer these people to safe places and protect their assets from the risk of a new collapse, according to Bárbaro Rodríguez Rocha, at the head of the Defense Zone.

Likewise, he points out that the intervention of Etecsa workers is expected due to the existence of communication poles in the area, and then proceed to extract the debris.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Municipal Defense Council visit different areas of the territory to identify other possible effects after the passage of  Elsa tropical storm.